Consumer confidence in Taiwan weakens in November

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The survey, conducted from Nov. 19 to 23, collected 2,812 valid questionnaires from local consumers aged 20 and above.

The CCI consists of six sub-indexes measuring investment in the stock market, consumer prices, purchases of durable goods, employment opportunities, domestic economic outlook and household economic conditions in the coming six months.

TAIPEI, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Consumer confidence in Taiwan weakened in November due to lower expectations of the local job market and stock market performance, according to the latest survey released by the Research Center for Taiwan Economic Development.

Two of the six sub-indexes fell in November. The sub-index for employment reduced 8.35 points from a month earlier to 79.25 and the one for the stock market went down 7.1 points to 54.5, the survey found.

Five of the six sub-indexes remained below 50 points while the sub-index for purchases of durable goods reached 109.05, up 3.65 from October.

A reading between 50 and 50 points suggests optimism, while below 50 indicates pessimism.

The Consumer Confidence Index remained in the pessimistic range in November, weakening by 0.6 points to 50.37 points from October, according to the survey report published earlier this week.